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May 19, 2012

Social Media Tips for Business Owners

How To Utilize Social Media to Grow Your Business

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After writing and distributing my most recent multimedia project, The Musician’s Guide to Social Media Awesomeness through my blog, TianaStarBlog.com and business website, FireflyMediaServices.com, I found a lot of the tools I shared to not only be effective for a music entrepreneur, but any business owner.

I consult businesses of all kinds on a regular basis on how to effectively market their business online, leading to more sales of the product or service the business provides. If you’re a business, of any kind, it’s imperative to stay connected with your current and past clients. Utilizing social media and online newsletters allows a business to do this in a time and cost efficient way.

No matter the business, most of the online marketing techniques are all the same. To prove that, I will share a short, to the point list of how I utilize social media marketing for my clients, which include: a Pilates studio owner/instructor, photographers, musicians, doctors, and colleges.

Quick List to help Businesses run their own Social Media Presence:

1.    Have an Online Presence and Brand that Presence:

  • From Your Website to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Blog pages, everything should match. When someone goes to one of your sites, it should match every site. Think of the Pepsi logo. You know it anywhere. You need to have a logo/brand that people know is you, and any site that your business is on should match the other sites.

2.    Stay Active on your Pages

  • Ideally, not one day should go by that you don’t post on your social media pages. Sites like Hootsuite.com are very helpful so that you can update all your pages in one place. People will forget about you, and you won’t come up as high in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) if you’re not posting daily.

3.    Have Fun and Connect

  • Isn’t it exciting that people are interested in your business? Don’t dread saying hi and connecting. If someone called you or walked into your business, you’d hopefully be so nice and helpful that you’d have a sale. Treat people the same online, and be truly interested in them.
  • Don’t just post about your business, get a little personal. Talk about the weather, share helpful links to your followers, and don’t forget to mention specials and coupons you’re offering.
  • Research online what other  successful businesses in your industry are doing and saying online, and pattern your posts after them. “Follow” these businesses on Twitter,Facebook, and Pinterest and “follow” their fans as these could be your fans/clients someday also!

There are a number of other ways to utilize social media effectively. I’ve posted some of my favorite articles at the bottom as well as a couple  info graphics, including one that I created with some of the businesses I’ve helped brand.  Be sure to also check out the rising Pinterest, and my article that I wrote about Why Every Business Should Be on Pinterest.

***Feel free to comment, and also ask any questions or request an article. I’d be happy to oblige.  I hope this helps- and get social!


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